Zen and the Art of Bikini-Line Maintenance

Photo courtesy of Nat Lanyon/The Licensing Project

Where exactly the bikini line might be has wavered considerably decade to decade, and we’ve arrived at a place where anything—from minimal trimming to maximal waxing—goes. “For too long, the only bikini-grooming routine that was considered ‘normal’ for women was full hair removal,” says Laura Schubert, cofounder of Fur, a clean line of pubic hair and skin products. “It’s important to us that we validate the bush as a legitimate body hair expression. If you choose to keep all your body hair or some of it as an expression of your identity, that’s great, too! Everyone across the gender spectrum should feel empowered to make up their own mind on their body hair, which is why we work so hard to normalize all grooming routines as equally valid options.

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