Where the Tata Harper Magic Happens

Tata Harper famously does most of the manufacturing for her all-natural clean skin care on her farm in Vermont, where until recently she also lived. When the single mom and her family moved south to Connecticut (the farm is as busy as ever making products, and the family still stays there often), she embarked on decorating her new space—with special attention to an intentionally sprawling bath area. “I have a home office in another part of the house,” she says. “But this is where the real research goes on!”

It’s a private space, reached through Harper’s bedroom and full of light from the enormous windows, with trees just outside. “Natural light is important, and so is feeling in touch with nature,” she says. Harper mapped out spaces according to her routines, so there’s a wonderful sense of ease throughout. “Even though it serves me as something of a laboratory, this is the place for downtime,” she says.

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