Timesaving Tools to Help Streamline Your Day

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While time may be on Mick Jagger’s side (yes, it is), for the rest of us, days usually revolve around finding ways to save it, maximize it, and carve out more of it. Whether it’s a ten-minute meditation that frees up headspace for tackling the morning’s to-dos or a precious timepiece that keeps you punctual for whatever’s next, these are the easy pieces, efficient tools, and simple shortcuts that help streamline from sunup to sundown.


First up: G.Day, press play, and set the get-it-done tone for the rest of your day. Next, grab the overnight oats out of the fridge. And finally, keep a camera-ready cardigan draped over the back of your chair and a sleek watch wrapped around your wrist, so when it’s time to be on, you’ll be ready.

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