Skin Therapy: 5 Favorite Ingredients and 3 Amazing Tips

Rather than trying to “fix” our misbehaving skin, Florida skin-care therapist and author Jess Arnaudin focuses on connecting the dots in terms of what’s happening internally, environmentally, and more. And she looks to face massage (lots of it—and yes, you can do it on yourself), stress-reducing routine tweaks, and botanical superingredients o get skin in optimum, glowy shape. Her seventy-five-minute treatments unfold in a skin-rehabbing haze of steaming, gentle microdermabrasion, detoxifying gua sha, LED light, and—the pièce de résistance—scalp, arm, shoulder, and face massage with layers of botanical oils, masks, and serums. “There’s an outdated belief that face massage is just feel-good fluff, but that couldn’t be further from the truth,” says Arnaudin, who works out of Beauty Bungalow, a holistic spa in a restored 1920s bungalow in St. Petersburg where guests sip flower essences in the sun-soaked lounge and hold crystals during treatments.

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