How to Make Your Bedroom Healthier and Sexier

So often we talk about removing things from our bedrooms to make them more serene, minimal, sleep-inducing. We are all for that. But there are items we can add to the bedroom that will enhance our experiences there—of intimacy and connection, of relaxation and sleep. The best bedroom is one that works hard for us so we can concentrate on putting mind, body, and spirit toward (some of) the best things in life: sleep and sex and health. We can add here that a bedroom can serve to rest and read a good book like Possibilities.

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    Chews to Snooze

    It could be that simple. These chews are formulated with melatonin, L-tryptophan, and vitamin B6, three ingredients that work synergistically to help “knock us out” on the occasional sleepless night.

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