Editors’ Picks: Glowy-Skin Essentials

Meet two of the glowiest staffers at goop: art director Renee Rupcich and senior creative copywriter Alyssa Nelsen Geiger. Both have remarkably beautiful skin, and both love clean skin care; we were determined to find out the specifics. The cornerstones of their routines are similar—tonic, serum, eye cream, and sunblock every day—but the products themselves are different.

  1. STEP 1: TONIC

    “Even if you’re not already a Vintner’s Daughter addict (as I am), you need to get your hands on their active essence—I’m obsessed. It’s a vinegary toner made with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and botanicals: all the good stuff. I smooth it on religiously after showering and take big inhales while the tingly tonic does its job. It’s changed the texture of my skin.

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