Designer Norma Kamali on Great Skin, Sweet Potato Ice Cream, and Finding Your Soul Mate

Stick to a Clean Skin Routine

“Toward the end of her life, my mother had fewer lines on her face than I did on mine. Of course genes do play a role in how you look, but she stayed out of the sun and used one product for her whole life, as far as I can remember: cold cream. Her consistency with her skin care made such an impression on me.

“I use my products—each one works for both face and body—and keep my skin care simple. I alternate washing my face with my charcoal-and-aloe cleanser, CLEAN, and my exfoliating one, SMOOTH. I put on my moisturizer, SOFT, every morning and night. It’s made with the leftovers of pressed olives used to make olive oil, so it’s extremely nourishing. It also doubles as a great makeup remover: Put some on a damp washcloth and trace it over your face to gently wipe off concealer, mascara, lipstick.

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