Clean Swap: Making Self-Care (and Skin Care) Clean and Effective

Skin care has always been a part of Erica Ndlovu’s self-care practice. “In the evenings I like to take my time applying serums—it makes for a relaxing end to the day,” says the goop junior associate beauty editor. “With oily, acne-prone skin, I’ve always had to pay extra attention.” As initially soothing and stress-unwinding as Ndlovu’s skin-care routine was, she never saw the results she hoped for. “It started becoming more tedious and less about self-care,” she says.

After joining goop, she slowly replaced her conventional products with clean ones. Now the rituals are just as relaxing, but the results, she says, have improved. “Since I switched to clean, my skin is clearer, more even, and radiant,” she says. “I’m seeing lasting changes, and it makes me look forward to this self-care practice every morning and night.

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