Age Beautifully with Pilates and Some Amazing Clean Skin Care

Photo courtesy of Patricia Pena

Hello, My Age Is: 41

Erika Bloom |

founder of Erika Bloom Pilates

Book a Pilates session with Erika Bloom and, in addition to activating muscles you never knew you had, you can’t help but be more than a little in awe. Everything about her is inspiring—her glowing skin, graceful body, and cascade of beachy hair, as well as her incredible range of knowledge: She’s studied nutrition; she’s developed programs to help people with osteoporosis, structural alignment, and diastasis recti; she previously practiced as a birth and postpartum doula; and she’s one of the biggest names in Pilates. “My natural body type is different from what I’ve achieved with Pilates,” says the Manhattan-based single mom of two.

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