8 Ways to Get Shinier, Healthier-Looking Hair

Photo courtesy of Marley Kate/The Licensing Project

No matter what your hair type, how you treat it at home—with clean treatments, masks, serums, and deep conditioners—can make a huge difference in how it looks and feels. Even professional hairstylists can tell: Garrett Markenson, an LA stylist and the founder of Valley Studio and the clean hair line Reverie, notices which of his clients do regular scalp treatments at home. “I see a big effect on how their hair looks and behaves,” he says. Whether you’re looking to repair heat-styling damage, increase shine and bounce, or balance your scalp for overall healthier-looking hair, these are the at-home treatments everyone’s talking about—and that really work.

Markenson’s own botanical scalp treatment has become something of an internet sensation; he says he’s his own best client and jokes that his brother’s (untreated) hair hasn’t fared as well as his.

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