10 Essentials for Every Beach Bag

Floating in perfect-temperature ocean water over the wave-polished white-quartz pebbles off Rocky Point near Southold, seaweed fronds tickling your feet as you stare up at the enormous blue sky of Long Island Sound, you just

don’t want for much. The purity and simplicity of a day at the ocean is one of life’s greatest pleasures, so packing for it should be as straightforward as possible—ideally, just a few basic items that manage to be fun, clean, and luxurious all at once.

Reef-safe, person-safe, mineral sunscreen is essential, but so are a black-seed-based hair oil that smells faintly of tropical flowers and a rich, citrusy balm that repels insects. Throw these (and a few other essentials) in your chic Medina Mercantile backpack/bag, get yourself out to the ocean, spend your day doing and wanting for absolutely nothing, and emerge unbitten, unburned, clean, moisturized, and above all, indulged.

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